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Reviews: Google Nest Mini Features vs. Amazon Echo Dot Features



Google Nest Mini Features vs. Amazon Echo Dot Features

Google and Amazon are calmly matched competition in the clever speaker area, with each boasting a slew of characteristic improvements, tool integrations, and a stable hardware lineup for any finances. The Nest Mini, presently in its second technology, is a first rate accomplice tool that also can act as an unbiased assistant, with the equal Google Assistant controls that large Nest gadgets leverage.

Google Nest Mini Features vs. Amazon Echo Dot Features

Meanwhile, Amazon and Alexa were tied together for pretty some time, building up a huge portfolio of clever speakers, displays, and other devices. Now on its fourth era, the Echo Dot has been wowing Alexa enthusiasts for years, and the state-of-the-art version adds more than one variants to give customers more choice. And satisfactory of all, it obtained a great design alternate for this cherished speaker.

So, that is proper for you — the Google Nest Mini or Amazon Echo Dot? Here, we’ve pitted the two devices towards each other to find out that’s the better supplying.


Amazon Echo Dot (4th Gen) vs Google Nest Mini on desk.

While you could be forgiven for wondering that Google Nest Mini and Amazon Echo Dot are further priced gadgets providing similar specs, a dig into the spec sheets reveals a few essential differences.

The fourth-technology Echo Dot has a 1.6-inch speaker, and you may connect the Echo Dot to a bigger speaker if you need. With advanced Bluetooth audio guide, voice manipulate, and a three.5mm audio jack, the Echo Dot is a low-fee Alexa controller.

In comparison, the Google Nest Mini has 3 a ways-field microphones for voice detection, in addition to a 1.57-inch speaker driver. There’s Bluetooth aid, but the tool lacks an audio port. Integrated Chromecast and improved audio layout help show Google’s perception that the Nest Mini can serve as a ready, if compact, stand-by myself speaker, along different responsibilities. But the Echo Dot (4th Gen) still has the Nest Mini beat.


When it involves aesthetics, the 2 clever audio system vary size-wise, but are both blanketed with fabric and use LED lights to visually communicate. Set next to one another, it’s obvious that the brand new round shape of the Echo Dot (4th Gen) makes it look large than the Nest Mini — nearly double its peak. Despite this, it’s a refreshing layout exchange that we appreciate.

The Echo Dot and the Dot with Clock each retain the long-lasting color-converting LED popularity ring round their base. It provides a bit of interest, but additionally makes the Echo Dot more important with its superb and captivating glow whenever it’s accessed. The Echo Dot with Clock can function a good bedside accomplice, given its auto-modify show and display of the time.

Google Nest Mini on wall.

The Nest Mini won’t have a clock option, but it still uses LED dots to talk, and it’s to be had in chalk, charcoal, coral, and sky. Again, the construct nice is exquisite, and the Nest Mini’s pincushion shape offers the tool its very own identification. Google’s latest layout improve made the nest Mini greater eco-friendly too. But, what units it aside is the notch on its underside, which permits you to dangle it on a wall.

Google’s designers have even frolicked crafting Nest Mini’s round strength adapter, which suits neatly inside the hand and protrudes from the wall some distance much less than the Echo Dot’s electricity supply. There are even clips on the power cable to tidy up any slack. These are small touches, yes, however they display a degree of design element and care that’s the hallmark of a outstanding device.


Amazon’s Echo Dot has been around lots longer than Google’s Nest Mini, which has given Amazon time to construct out a tremendously strong ecosystem. Alexa profits increasingly more features like whisper mode, doorbell concierge, and Blueprints that assist you to make (and even publish) your personal Alexa talents — and Alexa appears to analyze new stuff almost each day. Alexa’s reminders and exercises have become more superior too, permitting users to set location-based totally reminders and create advanced exercises (you may have Alexa flip off your lights, wait 15 mins, and then flip off the TV, for instance). You can also announce messages thru all your Echo Dots at some point of your private home.

Both devices can connect with and manipulate an expansion of clever domestic stalwarts like Philips Hue lighting, energy shops, smart locks, and more. Google is running with partners to unexpectedly build out hardware integrations, but nonetheless lags Amazon, whose Alexa can control extra than eighty five,000 smart domestic gadgets.

Amazon Echo Dot (4th Gen) with Clock on desk.

In 2019, Google made over its Nest brand with a new awareness on privateness — some compatibility partnerships ended, some persisted, and some were caught in improvement limbo for the foreseeable future. This has slowly labored itself out through the years, however Nest compatibility is genuinely greater limited, and also you’ll want to have a look at every smart tool carefully to make certain it’s well suited with the Nest Mini.


Alongside hardware connectivity, both devices can also access “talents” or “moves” that deliver greater functions like news reports, recipes, reservation bookings, jokes, quizzes, and more. Again, the Echo Dot leads right here, with a plethora of various kinds of competencies available for the device (some of which you may really wish to use). Google’s providing is definitely smaller at this factor but is increasing quick, adding capabilities like a multilingual mode, a translator mode, and step-through-step cooking commands.

Amazon Echo Dot (4th Gen) vs Google Nest Mini.

Before leaping in with Amazon Echo or Google Nest, be sure to review the streaming amusement offerings you currently use. As per standard, Amazon very tons sees Echo as a gateway to carrier subscriptions and heavily promotes Amazon Music over different alternatives. However, Amazon has begun to guide greater services on Alexa like Spotify Premium, Pandora, iHeartRadio, TuneIn Radio, and even Apple Music.

With Google Nest Mini, there are fewer well matched music offerings sources, but you can use Spotify, Pandora, YouTube, Deezer, and Google Play Music, amongst different options. Both manufacturers keep to feature offerings.

Ease of use

One thing you should know earlier than shopping either smart speaker is that each Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant undergo perpetual modifications. This method both devices are frequently stronger with new functions, however you can additionally find that commands that labored previously not paintings or might require a slightly nuanced voice education. Or, they could seemingly work for each person else except for you. It may be a real frustration with each Amazon and Google offerings.

Google Nest Mini on table.

Both devices paintings nicely at selecting up voice instructions so long as you enunciate, even while you’re blaring out tunes at full extent. The Echo Dot’s layout, with an overt LED repute ring and bodily buttons for extent, mic muting, and triggering Alexa at the top of the tool, gives Amazon a slight area in terms of usability. Google Nest Mini helps microphone muting through a rear switch and capabilities contact-sensitive quantity controls on either aspect of the device, all of which paintings properly.

Audio output

The fourth-era Echo Dot has a bigger motive force and the sound is a whole lot higher than ever earlier than. The Nest Mini has 360-degree sound, a 40mm motive force, and proprietary audio tuning software. But how do they stack up?

Amazon Echo Dot (4th Gen) vs Google Nest Mini.

Google Nest Mini offers clean audio with punchy bass. You can use the equalizer to alter the treble and bass. Sure, it’s a step up out of your phone’s audio system, however not a fit for a respectable, devoted Bluetooth speaker. For the Nest Mini, Google Nest doubled the bass and made it feasible for the speaker to adjust its volume based on the level of history noise inside the room. Although the Nest Mini handiest has three mics, it does a advanced process at picking up voice commands, even from a distance.

The 4th Gen Dot sounds substantially louder than the Nest Mini. The Dot also gives perks like a three.5mm jack. But the Echo Dot’s microphones genuinely aren’t as sensitive to voice commands. All in all, the Nest Mini wins for voice popularity, and the Echo Dot wins for tune playback.

Smart domestic exercises

Smart domestic workouts connect a diffusion of settings for clever devices underneath a unmarried command. It’s a remarkable way to prepare a clever house for the morning, set the temper for an evening dinner, get the own family ready for bed, and a lot extra…all you have to do is set them up.

Google Assistant and Alexa each provide ordinary setup, so that’s no problem. Google’s version is a chunk more cookie-cutter, helpful activates make it easy for novices. Yet, Google Assistant additionally gives greater complex custom Routine alternatives.

Alexa’s model is a chunk greater complicated, but when you get the hold of it you may without difficulty set up special routines primarily based on precisely what you want to do. Alexa also still beats Google Assistant with regards to compatibility, so there’s a extra risk of your smart devices in reality working with the Dot.

Shopping competencies

Both the Echo Dot line and the Nest Mini line allow you to use their respective assistants to installation voice purchasing abilities. However, they method this in appreciably special ways.

Alexa, via the Dot, assist you to shop and add items for your purchasing list. It can also make guidelines based totally to your questions, and assist you re-order, the usage of facts out of your Amazon account. However, your purchasing is constrained to Amazon houses. That’s now not a massive disadvantage, due to the fact Amazon has a bit of everything, and you could even order sparkling produce thru stores like Whole Foods. However, you won’t be able to evaluate products beyond Amazon.

Google Assistant, meanwhile, uses the Google Shopping platform, so it has a wider attain. However, finding unique products or getting the effects you want may be greater difficult, especially without an accompanying smart show. You also can reorder an item, but Google can’t deliver the same guidelines as Alexa can.

Both purchasing options can save by identified voice, but Alexa gives a further protection code option you could allow for safety.

Which ought to you buy?

If you’re already invested in a clever assistant atmosphere, neither Amazon Echo Dot nor Google Nest Mini grants compelling motives to interchange to the alternative facet.

Amazon must be celebrated for creating this compact, clever controller class with the original Amazon Echo Dot, which can provide lots of the magic of its large brothers, however at a fraction of the charge. It’s clear that Google’s Nest Mini engineers and designers have hung out knowledge and then constructing at the Echo Dot’s foundations. It appears better, and at the same time as it lacks the Echo Dot’s wealth of integrations, Google is catching up speedy.

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